The 32° Scottish Rite Masonic Charities, in particular the  Children’s Dyslexia Centers for dyslexic children.

It takes over $100,000 annually to operate a Children’s Dyslexia Center for children. With 43 Children’s Dyslexia Centers currently open Children’s Dyslexia Center Foundation dollars are tremendously needed.

A Builders Council has been formed to receive and honor Masons and non-Masons who make major Children’s Dyslexia Center contributions. A donor can show his/her support for the 32° Scottish Rite Masonic Charities by making a planned gift or bequest through a will, living trust, or codicil. In so doing, this donor would qualify for membership in the Builders Council.

A memorial or tribute is a meaningful way to celebrate someone important to you. Should you wish to honor someone in this manner please contact the Center (216-881-2234) or the Office for the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (216-432-2370)