Offering services free of charge

In creating the Children’s Dyslexia Centers, formerly referred to as the 32┬░ Masonic Learning Centers for Children, Inc, it has been our mission to provide professional treatment – free of charge – to children with dyslexia. Services are made available to children on a first-come, first-served basis. We’re also committed to increasing public awareness of dyslexia as well as improving the standards of care through research and education.

Reaching more children

In the years to come, we expect to have at least 43 Children’s Dyslexia Centers operating throughout the 15-state Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. These Children’s Dyslexia Centers will bring our free services and proven teaching methods to more communities and to more children.

Setting high standards

Each Children’s Dyslexia Center┬áprovides a highly qualified staff specially trained in the treatment of dyslexia. After professional assessment and evaluation of a student’s needs, the staff then provides customized one-on-one instruction using a variety of techniques. In addition, each Children’s Dyslexia Center┬áprovides training for local teachers or volunteers who want to tutor children with dyslexia.

Showing progress and promise

Children have made substantial advances through their work at our Children’s Dyslexia Centers. Here are some descriptions of their progress in the words of their parents: “… our sincere appreciation for the gift of literacy you provide. all of you have significantly touched the lives or our children forever …” “… our child’s improvement in reading has been nothing short of miraculous. She is now reading to herself, to us and to her 4-year-old brother …” “Not only have her reading skills grown but her confidence and self-esteem have grown as well.”